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Crack repair prices

If the wood body of your woodwind is fractured, you will have the choice of either pinning the crack or have it remedied via the flush banding method. Properly done, either technique will stabilize the fractured section. Many repair technicians will have a strong opinion for one or the other methods of repair, however, we are able to perform both techniques to your satisfaction. The cost of repair for this type of damage is determined by estimate only.

Pinning Method: To secure a fracture, we install a number of threaded rods through the body and running generally perpendicular to the crack. Usually, a minimum of two pins, with as many as six or more may be necessary. The result will be all but invisible, in that both ends of each pin terminate beneath the surface of the instrument.

Flush Banding Method: This process consists of shrinking a seamless nickel band around the fractured section. Solid silver bands are used on Oboes and English Horns. The band stabilizes the fracture evenly and prevents it from spreading. Flush bands are flush with the outside surface of the body and do not interfere with the key mechanism. One band is often sufficient for smaller fractures, but for extended cracks more than one band is usually required.

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*** Prices Do Not Include Tax. Prices may vary.​

*** Prices Do Not Include Tax. Prices may vary.​

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