brasswind overhaul/repad

Job A: Complete Brasswind Overhaul

Includes: Disassembly; stripping all parts of the existing finish; a thorough cleaning and sterilization of the outside and inside of the instrument; all felts, corks and worn springs are replaced; valves and slides are cleaned and adjusted. Dents are removed and the body and all parts are buffed to a high luster and a durable epoxy finish is applied and baked-on. An additional charge may be assessed for extraordinary repairs such as repairing extensive body damage; replating and/or refitting valves; replacement of parts; resoldering broken braces; etc. If you believe that your instrument may require extraordinary repair services, then please bring (send) it to us so that we may provide you with an estimate.

Job B: Complete Overhaul ; Plated Finish

Includes: The same procedures as outlined in Job A except that the instrument is provided with a new plating of either Silver or Nickel. You may request that your instrument be provided with an additional clear coat of lacquer to prevent tarnishing. Add 10% to the cost of the repair if sandblasting will be required.

Job C: Institutional Overhaul

Includes: A thorough cleaning and sterilization of your instrument; all felts, corks, and worn springs are replaced; valves and slides are carefully cleaned and adjusted. To further protect the existing finish, and additional clear coat of baked-on epoxy is applied. No buffing, plating, or dent work is performed.

***  Repairs by Estimate Only : Piston Repair, Dent Repair, Pulling Frozen Slides, Replace Water Key Corks and Springs, Amado Water Key Conversion, Restring Rotary Valves, French Horn Bell Conversion, Trombone Slide Repair, Custom Leadpipe Installation, Custom Fit Mouthpiece, Plating and Refitting Vlaves, or Replating a Brasswind Mouthpiece. ***

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*** Prices Do Not Include Tax. Prices May Vary.

*** Prices Do Not Include Tax. Prices May Vary.

*** Prices Do Not Include Tax. Prices May Vary.

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